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Where Passion And Talent Explode

Lorri’s Dance Place staff strives to provide a professional, creative and stimulating environment where our students will develop a sense of self confidence, discipline and love of the performing arts through the high standard of dance education we provide.


Recreational and Full time Competitive Programs

Our acro classes offer an energetic, mental and physical challenge. Acro classes help to develop strength, co-ordination, balance and tricks.

If you like to hang up side down come take acro with us!


Pre Kinder and Kinder Dance Programs

Our pre kinder and kinder dance ballet programs offer a joyous connection between a developing love of movement and developing artistic personality. Our specially designed program provides a creative environment for your little one to begin on their exciting dance journey.

Royal Academy of Dance Primary Grade – Solo Seal level classes.

Exams offered.

Royal Academy of dance syllabus classes- we offer classes with the curriculum set by the Royal Academy of dance. These classes will develop technique, posture, artistry and strength. Children taking two ballet classes per week may be selected to take an examination in the spring.

If you want a strong foundation in dance come take ballet with us!


Intermediate, Senior and Advanced Competitive level Open Classes

Our contemporary classes offer an intense and dynamic atmosphere further expanding on strong technique and movement capabilities.

Hip Hop

Recreational and Full Time Competitive Programs

Our classes offer a high energy, funky physical challenge. Hip hop helps to develop movement and style.

If you have energy to spare and love to dance come take hip hop with us!


Recreational, Part-Time Competitive and Full Time Competitive Programs

Our jazz classes offer a fun and energetic over all body work out with an emphasis on a technical foundation and performance development. Jazz classes help to develop flexibility and movement.

If you like to move and groove come take jazz with us!


Recreational and Full Time Competitive Programs

Our lyrical classes offer a technical approach to this dynamic dance discipline. Lyrical classes will help to develop the art of dance.

If you like to be a little dramatic come take lyrical with us!


Recreational, Part-Time Competitive and Full Time Competitive Programs

Our tap classes offer an explosive and dynamic rhythmic, mental and physical challenge. Tap classes help to develop musicality and co-ordination.

If you like to make music and sound come take tap with us!


111 Zenway Blvd Unit 34
Woodbridge, ON
L4H 3H9

Phone: (905) 264-1778