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LDP Summer Intensive Dates

Monday August 24, Tuesday August 25 and Wednesday August 26, 2020
Advanced 4:15 to 9:35 pm
Senior 4:15 to 9:25 pm
Intermediate 4:15 to 9:10 pm
Junior Advanced PT 4:15 to 7:25 pm
Mini 6:25 to 8:25 pm


LDP is pleased to open Registration for the 2020/2021 Dance Season Please Click this link to REGISTER. If you are a returning customer, please sign into your PARENT PORTAL to register for your 2020/2021 dance classes.

Download: COVID-19 Screening Form

LDP Dance Season starts - Saturday, September 12th:

    COVID-19 Procedures

    This video will outline the procedures we have implemented to help ensure the safety of all our students, their families and LDP staff.

    Please note policy and procedures may change due to changes in guidelines provided by Public Health.

    LDP 2019 Video

    Year at a glance – 2019

    This was the video that played at our dance recital

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