Giovanna Santorelli Nicastro
Lorri’s Dance Place has definitely played an important role in shaping who my daughter is today. The skills both in dance and in life have been priceless. She received top notch dance training in a most nurturing and caring environment. There are a lot of dance studios out there, but I know without a doubt Lorri’s was our best decision, both for my daughter and for me.

Bryanne has taught my daughters dance for the last five years in both competitive and recreational settings. From a competitive prospective she gives with her students the tools necessary in order to be successful. She works with them ensuring they are well run, polished and teamwork is always top of mind. This gives them confidence and pride in their routines. When they leave Bryanne’s recreational classes they always come out with smiles. She has a connection with children, she gives them a balance of compassion and discipline. As a parent Bryanne takes time to connect, updating me with how my daughters are doing in class. She has given my daughters confidence to take on new challenges in and out of the dance studio. Thank you Bryanne for all that you have given my girls.

My daughter was in the kinder ballet.
I just wanted to sincerely thank you all for this year.  When I registered my daughter and told Lorri that she had Congenital Heart Disease and Autism, Lorri did not make any issue of that and immediately registered her with zero questions asked.
As a mother of an Autistic child, I cannot tell you how difficult it is to find extra curricular activities for my daughter where she can participate alongside her peers. Many times we are told she cannot participate and this was something she always wanted to do.
For the entire year, everyone has been so patient with my daughter. Her teacher understood and if my daughter was having a melt down, she calmly let us know she could join the class whenever she felt comfortable.  Her cousin also helped throughout the entire year.
You all have made such an impact on our lives, and I was the proudest mother watching my daughter perform on the stage. I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate it.
Thank you so much, you are all amazing.

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